About USF on iTunes U

USF on iTunes U provides free access to a wide range of USF-related media via Apple's iTunes Music Store.

Does iTunes U cost anything?

No. USF’s iTunes U is powered by iTunes, a free download from Apple at http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/. All USF iTunes U content may be accessed and downloaded through iTunes.

Do I need to be a current USF student to access USF’s iTunes U?

In general, no. While some content may be restricted to current students and faculty, the USF iTunes “store front” will be accessible to the general public.

Do I need a Mac to use USF’s iTunes U?

No. Any computer that can download and install iTunes may take advantage of content delivered through USF’s iTunes U. This includes PCs running Windows.

Do I need an iPod to use USF’s iTunes U?

No. Use of iTunes U is computer based, and is unrelated to the iPod. If desired, you may transfer iTunes U podcasts to your iPod provided you have the correct iPod type.

How do I access USF’s iTunes U?

The only way to access the USF iTunes U page is through http://itunes.usf.edu. It is not accessible from the iTunes Music Store.

How do I listen/watch content available on iTunes U?

Downloaded content may be viewed and played back within iTunes. If desired, content may be transferred to an iPod or other portable media device.

Can I watch video podcasts on my non-iPod media player?

Video support for non-iPod media players varies by product. Consult the support documentation for your product for more information. If you must individually convert the video files, you may locate them by right-clicking on the podcast within iTunes and selecting “Show in Windows Explorer” (Windows) or “Show in Finder” (Mac).

I’m having trouble with my iPod and/or iTunes - where can I get help?

Apple’s Support site contains extensive documentation for general iPod and iTunes issues. The following sites may be useful:
For additional information and support, please visit Apple’s iTunes U Help and Resource site at http://www.apple.com/support/itunes_u/ and the iTunes & iPod Support site at http://www.apple.com/support/ipod/family/